CannonBall: The Enhanced OutRun Engine


Cannonball is an enhanced version of Sega’s classic 1986 game Outrun available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Pandora and Android. Although it requires the same ROMs that popular arcade emulators use to play the game,  this is no mere emulator. Cannonball is a complete re-write of the game engine which adds a variety of enhancements such as true widescreen support, high-resolution graphics with improved sprite scaling, several bug fixes, additional view modes and support for both analog and digital gamepads.

This is of course an unofficial fan project and clearly a labour of love for its creator who has been working on this project since 2012. All of his hard work has definitely been worth it, Cannonball is a fantastic tribute to this classic game. Although there is a very good version of Outrun available for the 3DS, it isn’t available on any other current or previous generation platform. It would be very nice if Sega gave Outrun the same treatment it gave Super Hang-On when they included in the Sega Vintage Collection but with the current problems the company is having I don’t foresee that happening. If you want to play Outrun on a big screen with a wheel or control pad, this is your best option right now.

Cannonball’s github page is here



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