Mario Kart 8 DLC

Mario Kart 8’s second and presumably final paid DLC pack has been released so it’s time to introduce some current gaming opinions to this site. I have both of the DLC packs and I think I’ve played them enough to make my mind up about them. I’m pleased to say that my experience with the DLC has been mostly positive.

Between both sets of DLC there are 16 new tracks to play and 6 new characters to race as along with a selection of new vehicle parts to use. Out of all the tracks there are maybe only 2 that I’m not fond of, all the rest are either good or outstanding. My own personal favourites are the new Hyrule Circuit and the returning Ribbon Road from Mario Kart: Super Circuit. I’ve played the DLC tracks online and offline and had a lot of fun with them. I think there’s a good deal of variety in the selection with a mixture of simple but chaotic courses, more technical circuits and a few fast point-to-point courses. There’s something to suit everyone’s preferences and play styles.

The extra tracks are the highlight of the DLC for me but the new characters are sadly not quite so outstanding. Out of the 6 new characters 3 are just variations of Mario, Peach and Bowser. With added tracks based on The Legend of Zelda and F-Zero, why not give us Captain Falcon or even Zelda herself? They put Link in there and even gave us Captain Falcon’s car, why spoil it all by giving us another Mario? This is only a small disappointment though, it was the tracks that I bought the DLC for and I think they justify the purchase on their own.

Satoru Iwata has previously claimed that Nintendo’s DLC policy will be to give its customers a full game first and not hold things back for DLC. With Mario Kart 8 I think they’ve definitely stuck to that principle. The base game of Mario Kart 8 has the customary 8 cups and a roster of 30 characters. It’s at least as big a game as Mario Kart Wii was. The two DLC packs are definitely an added extra that enhance the game rather than complete it.

Alongside the release of the latest paid DLC pack, Nintendo put out a free update adding a new 200cc mode to the game. I think I’ll discuss this at a later date because I need a little more time to play it. Keep an eye out for this in a couple of weeks.

Bonus video: A couple of replays I recorded while playing the new tracks online. Sadly you can’t upload full length replays directly so I had to capture them myself.


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