Indy 500 Season

The month of May is here and that means the Indianapolis 500 is approaching fast. This year is the 100th running of this monument of racing so to mark the occasion I’ll be spending this month talking about a few games that feature this event and the people who have won it. I won’t be able to cover every game featuring the Indy 500 but I’ve picked a selection of my personal favourites that also happen to tie in to key moments in the race’s history. I’ll also be tweeting about some of the honourable mentions that didn’t get their own post.

We’ll be starting with something quite serious but still a lot of fun, Indianapolis 500: The Simulation. That’s going to be posted immediately after this.


New Video Page

I’ve added a new page to the blog, a videos page. It has links to my main Youtube playlists.

The iRacing videos are currently being uploaded weekly, this means they’re being posted more frequently than anything else. I’m not too keen on having them flood the front page so I don’t think I’ll be posting them as separate updates anymore. I’ll be posting them as a batch at the end of each month but you can still stay up to date by subscribing on Youtube and following me on Twitter.

January 2016 Update

On my ‘about’ page (which I’m sure you’ve all read) I said I would run this site until at least the end of 2015. The new year has come and gone and I have decided to keep going a while longer. I think I’ve set off on reasonable footing. I’ve updated the site at least once a month, usually more, and I know that at least a couple of people are reading it.

I mostly do this for my own amusement but in 2016 I’d like to make the site a bit better and maybe get a few more readers. I hope to make the site a bit more appealing by trying to improve the quality of the writing and the variety of content I post. I need to write some features, find new ways of presenting information and make better use of the twitter account I set up. I’ll probably do some videos as well but I’m not sure what form they’ll take.

This is never going to be a hugely successful site. It’s about a niche genre of games and it certainly isn’t going to attract the attention of readers looking for a nuanced and intellectual critique of games as an art form. Even so, with a bit of work I can make something of it.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading the site so far. I’ll hope you’ll stick with me in 2016 too. There probably won’t be any proper updates until February. I’ve got a few things in the works but they’re not ready yet. To tide you over I’ll be posting little bits and pieces to twitter, the handle is @highway4ever