Video: 3D Stock Cars II

I decided to try and make a video review and for whatever reason I ended up making it about 3D Stock Cars II on the Spectrum.

There’s a lot of ways this video could be better but I think it’s important for me to actually publish things rather than sitting on them forever because they’re not totally perfect. Anyway, here it is. Maybe I’ll do more in the future.


iRacing Diary 2 and 3

Here’s the next two iRacing videos. I won’t be posting them in pairs after this, it’ll go down to one every week or two. Excuse the clumsy audio ducking in episode 3, there were just a few too many breaks in the narration to leave the engine noise uniformly low. If people complain loudly enough I’ll re-upload the video with tweaked audio.

Introducing my iRacing Diary

I’ve decided to do something a little bit different for a couple of months. I’ve signed up for 3 months of iRacing and I’ll be making a video series about my experiences playing it. I know it’s a little bit outside of what I normally cover but I’m not really a strong believer in the arcade vs sim dogma that the internet is so fond of. It’s okay to like either kind of game, or both.

I’ve made two videos, an introduction and a proper first episode. I’m not great at narrating or audio but hopefully this will give me a chance to improve a little.

Don’t worry though, this isn’t going to be the only thing I’ll be posting. I’ll still be waffling on about old arcade games a few times a month too. This won’t have a regular schedule, just an update when I have something to share. It’ll be a couple of times a month probably.

Anyway, here are the videos. Hope you don’t fall asleep listening to my soothing voice.